Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother I love you, Mother I Do..

My Mama

My sweet mama is the most amazing person I have ever witnessed in my life. She is the most sweet spirited, beautiful, kind, loving mother that i wish someday to become like. She is incredible in her willingness to do what it takes to survive and to be a mother. She always puts her kids first and is always so happy and excited to help even if it isnt the funnest thing to do. Her testimony of the gospel has grown through her trials she endures and if she isnt celestial, i dont know who is. I know without a doubt that the Lord has a special place for her and is only preparing her for what glorious things are ahead. I love my mom and I want her happy always. She is all I think about, and I am amazed everyday at who she is. I often think while laying in bed how I was lucky enough to be apart of the family I am...How me, could have such an incredible mother and father and sisters that are truely my best friends. It isnt often that many people can say that. But ladies and gentleman reading..I LOVE MY FAMILY! I love them with everything i have in me. I would do anything and everything for them. They are truely my whole and I find peace in the fact that families are forever. Without my mother, i dont think any of us sisters would be who we are. She is amazing and i cant begin to thank her enough for all she does and for the person she is. She is my best friend, and will always be the most precious person in my life. 
Just an example of the unconditional love my mom has, i will tell you of a story that will stay deep in my heart. My mom and i were working at the wright house doing a food service and attending a party. I was lucky to work with my mom and we were having a great time working and being with each other. It was close to easter and my mom always gets us easter baskets and makes easter a great time for us all. well i decided i didn't want a basket but that i wanted my precious pieces of art(: instead because it was more expensive and it was to take place of the basket. Well as the day was finishing and work was finishing, my mom took me to her purse where she was giving me money for my magical pieces of art that i like to call my best friend! (haha yes i know you are all confused at what this might be but just smile and pretend you know what i am talking about) As she was giving me money she opened the envolope up of the money she had just earned from working the job we just did. She handed me over all the cash with a smile on her face and gave me extra money to go get a new shirt for easter sunday. i paused because i felt bad for taking her hard earned money. She was so willing to do whatever it took to make me happy and make me feel special. ( I know this sounds like I am very spoiled which I am, but I am not greedy and this act of kindness i will never forget). No matter what it takes, she will do whatever she can to make her children happy. For mothers day we took her to mall to try and pamper her! We wanted her to for once put us aside and to buy a fresh new outfit for HER! Yes for her! We went to the mall and was able to help her find some nice things that would help her feel beautiful on this very special day. Mother I love you, Mother I do. You are so very special to me and I love you with everything that i have. You are an incredible woman and hope you know how appreciated you are. I love you infinity.Families are forever. Happy Mothers Day!!                                                                   Love Lex

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